On September 6th, & 20th, 2017 Hurricanes Irma and Maria, both Category 5 hurricanes, wreaked catastrophic damage on the Virgin Islands. Most of our Brethren fared well during the storms, and we are assisting those that did not to the best of our abilities. Our historic Lodge building built in 1874 received extensive damage as well from the storms. Portions of the existing metal roof were damaged, resulting in flooding on both floors of the building. All of the flooring on the first floor will have to be removed. All interior and exterior paint finishes will have to be redone. The portion of the roof that was breeched will have to be repaired and/or replaced. The water damage will also require the replacement of interior finishes and electrical systems. The Lodge is unable to fully utilize this historic building in its present state. We have assessed the damage to the structure and have quantified it to be approximately One Hundred Eighty-Five Thousand Dollars ($185,000.00). However, those physical damages dont begin to equate to the damages from moisture to historical artifacts, some of them more than 140 years old. They are invaluable pieces of our rich history. We will have to employ specialists to restore, and hopefully save as many of these artifacts as we can. The Lodge is self insured, and as such, funds are limited for reconstruction.

We are appealing to Lodges far and near, to assist, as best as they can in helping us to restore this Historic property over the upcoming year. Please click on the Go Fund Me image above to donate. And thank you in advance.



Worshipful Brother
Wor. Bro. John P. Woods, PDJGW